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Welcome bonuses from online casinos are as flashy as the lights when you first pull up to the strip. Promotional offers like 5 free spins and a bonus code with a 300% match are staring at you, right in the eye, and you're little daunted by all the jargon. Our guide helps you decipher through the blinding lights and eventually you'll find the right promotional offer that will let you start playing slots instantly.

What are 5 Free Spins?

Let's get started on the right foot and make sure that everyone understands what a free spin is and what the offer entails. If a casino's website is boasting a promotion of 5 complimentary spins with the use of a bonus code, they're allowing their users to spin the slot reels without actually using any real money of their own. The amount of free spins will vary depending on which casino you're playing, amongst other factors.

For example, Casino A might offer 10 free spins as a welcome offer, but Casino B might promote 25 free spins with a bonus code that will give you 50 more turns at the reel. Casinos will use these types of promotions in different situations, but we'll go over those more in detail later. For now, we're still learning about the basics. Let's move on!

What's a Bonus Code?

A bonus code is an offer from a casino that usually looks like a phrase with numbers and will gift the user some sort of value. As an example, a casino might give a first-time user an hour of free play time if they type in bonus code "FIRSTTIME20" at a checkout screen or upon registering. The types of promotional offers are highly variable and will be different at each casino, state, or even the country where the casino is located.

Bonus codes can be found on a casino's website or on online forums. Other places will have bonus codes listed, too, like casino review websites or even social media. However, I've found the most trustworthy ones come directly from the source. Many times I've found codes on forums only to type them in later and an error pops up on my screen.

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Why You Should Use 5 Free Spins

5 free spins and a welcome bonus code is basically free admission to a theme park for a set amount of time. You'll be able to ride different rides (or games in our case) for a limited number of times. Don't like what you're getting involved with? That's okay, just hop off the ride and exit the park.

Games to Play

This one might seem like a no-brainer but for outsiders or newbies, let's discuss what games you can play your new bonus code for 5 free spins. This is easy, guys. Slots! When you turn the slot reel, the machine spins. Simple!

Different Types

Since free spins can vary so much, let's go over some that you might see. You can be offered 5 free spins with no wager required. That means no wager requirements are apart of the offer and free spins can be played right away after you make a deposit. And the most favorable is the free spins offer with no deposit or a wager needed. That means you just get to start spinning, no strings attached.

How many spins are offered is up to each casino. Some casinos might offer 5 free spins while others offer 50. The most commonly offered range anywhere from 5 to 100 spins, as you can see in our Casumo Casino bonus review. Keep an eye out for bad offers or expired bonus codes, though. If you want to know more about that, we'll discuss it more in detail in a moment!

Extra Incentives

Sometimes along with 5 free spins come other incentives, like a bonus code. A casino may offer you recurring offers to take part in like additional no deposit first time game play or multipliers. Multipliers will do what they say and multiply your payout if you land on a certain pattern. If your free spin lands on a sequence with a multiplier or even a jackpot, you've definitely got a chance at continuing on with some fun all at little cost out of your own wallet.

Other Bonuses that Feature 5 Free Spins

Not all complimentary takes at the reel come in the form of a welcome bonus. Even if you do find a casino that you play at regularly, you could be rewarded with free spins as a loyalty bonus, no code required. I've even seen casinos offer 250 free spins after your first deposit was made. Even popular online casinos with tons of slot options will reward their users with 5 free spins or more for just being a loyal slot patron!

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Spotting Fishy Offers

As much as you should be able to spot a good offer or bonus code, you should be able to spot a bad one too. Red flags will come up like unattainable wage requirements and unsecure website encryption. Without an encryption your data runs the risk of being compromised. If you take an offer where the wage requirements can never be satisfied, the initial offer was never worth anything at the beginning. Having an eye out for such occurrences will save you from fishy situations.

Can You Win from 5 Free Spins?

While we always wish for it, can you even win from using bonus codes or 5 free spins? This depends on the operations of the casino and what terms they've set for their users. Before you start to play make sure you examine all wage requirements.

Cashing Out

If you've determined you can meet all of the wage requirements and have gone over the terms, payout is possible but still will greatly depend on which casino you're playing. Don't take 5 free spins expecting the payout to be easily available if you win. Some places will require you to wager $500 before you even can request a payout. This truly makes your investment higher than what it needs to be. You'll lose money this way, easily.

Where to Redeem Bonus Codes and 5 Free Spins

Now that you've checked all the boxes and researched your new casino, where can you redeem your 5 free spins? How do you get them? Let's talk about that.

Your promotional goods will be available for your use typically after you create an account and register all of your information and enter any bonus codes. It's on your account user face (the screen you see on the casino's website) where your free spins will be shown. This can be accessed on your phone or computer so free spins can be used either on a web browser or mobile device.

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Final Thoughts

I'm glad you've made it this far. You're one step closer to having a new place to play your slots, safely might I add. You're not handing over your credit card information to just any old casino. And now you know to check all requirements before even thinking about taking advantage of any fishy bonus codes.

Yeah, you're one step head of the game. So how will you use this knowledge? Will you find the best online bonus codes with all of the highest multipliers to win real money? We hope so. Just remember us when you win big, okay?