Bonus Cash and how to Withdraw it

Tips to Withdraw Bonus Cash

There are casinos aplenty and special offers galore, but how does one go about withdrawing bonus cash? If you're wondering, wonder no more as we lay out the basics for you.

Acquiring and Activating a Bonus

The first thing you need to do is get your hands on a bonus. This often, but not always, requires a code. Luckily, codes are easy to find and you should be able to get them as a matter of course from casinos (often as introductory welcome offers). However, the better way to go is to check review type websites that regularly compile lists of available special offers, allowing you to easily compare and then just pick the best one(s).

Once you have your code you'll need to log in (or register) at the relevant casino and activate the promotion. Usually, this is very simple, all you need do is visit the cashier section and enter the code. If you have any problems, just check the terms and conditions and, if that doesn't help, give customer service a bell.

If a bonus doesn't have a code it will most likely be activated automatically upon registration or when you log in.

Different Bonuses, Same Requirements

Tips to Withdraw Bonus Cash Canada

There are a variety of different bonuses, including deposit matching, free spins/credits/cash, and free play. The amount of money can vary fairly significantly, from hundreds of dollars of deposit matched cash to $20 worth of free spins. However, there are a number of common requirements and these conditions must be met before you're able to make a withdrawal.

Top of the list is the wagering requirement. Simply put, this is the total sum that must be placed in wagers before any bonus money can be withdrawn. It's a multiple of the promotion's value, usually around 30-40 times (so a $20 bonus might have a wagering requirement of $600). This is in place to stop people activating a promotion and then immediately withdrawing the money. It's worth noting that different games may contribute at different rates. Slots tend to be 100% whereas table games can be significantly lower. If you're near the withdrawal cap (see below) but some way from the wagering requirement, a top tip is to find the best RTP (return to player) slots you can and use that to help lock in your profits and meet the conditions for withdrawal.

The withdrawal cap is another practically universal restriction. Typically set at a few hundred dollars or less, the cap means that you can win with promotional money, but you won't become a millionaire.

There's also often a time limit but this should not be a problem. Only free play has a short time limit (perhaps an hour) and that's the premise of the promotion so players will be well aware of it.

Withdrawal Methods

Tips to Withdraw Bonus Cash

Just a quick note that some banking methods work for deposits only, and that withdrawals tend to take a little longer to process.

And there you have it, a quick and easy rundown on how to withdraw your bonus winnings. Hope you found it useful, and happy hunting.